Originally posted on 10:35 AM on April 15, 2015
Last updated on September 20, 2022


Honesty & Your Fire Protection Contractor

By: Tiffany on April 15, 2015
Last Updated: September 20, 2022

Honesty is such a lonely word…

and mostly what you need from your fire protection contractor.  Two things have happened in the last two days which prompted the Billy Joel song “Honesty” to start running through my head. (Non-stop!)

Honesty is such a lonely word

Everyone is so untrue

Honesty is hardly ever heard

And mostly what I need from you

Here’s what happened:

  1. A competitor wasn’t honest about their capabilities and might have gained a competitive advantage based on a falsehood.
  2. My husband got a referral based on the fact that he is “the most honest fire guy I know”.

What juxtaposition! So what’s my point?

We don’t like to sell people things they don’t need or tell them we can do something that we can’t. Instead, we are honest about our experience and capabilities. Furthermore, we will often recommend a better way to get you to your goal even if it means we sell you the Kia, rather than the Porsche; and as you can see from #2 above, it pays off!

If you want to work with a real person that will tell you the real story about your fire system and what you need to do with it, look no further. Contact us today

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