What is a Fire Alarm System and Do You Need One?

By: Desirae Kennington on 02/24/21

What is the purpose of a fire alarm system?

A fire alarm system is designed to notify building occupants of the presence of a fire and safely evacuate them from the building.

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When physical testing of each smoke detector is required, the frequency will depend on the date and the results of the last test.

NOTE: Sensitivity testing must be performed per NFPA 72. 

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A lot of questions come up when smoke detector sensitivity testing is discussed or cited by the AHJ.

There are two key things you need to know.

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Most commercial property owners and managers know that fire system inspections need to be done annually. But is that all that is required?

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An explosion is very different from a fire and therefore requires a different method of protection than those commonly used for fire protection, such as automatic fire sprinklers. 

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Don't suffer a catastrophic loss because of improperly installed or serviced fire protection equipment! In a restaurant or commercial cooking operation, fires most commonly originate at the cooking appliances. 

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Because, sometimes a sprinkler system’s worst enemy is water . . . the frozen kind, that is. Your Dry Sprinkler Systems need extra protection as the winter freeze weather approaches. We at Century Fire Protection are always here for you but there is something that you do to help.

In order to prevent freeze damage in the cold months the following procedures will need to take place at least monthly...

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Honesty is such a lonely word…

and mostly what you need from your fire protection contractor.  Two things have happened in the last two days which prompted the Billy Joel song “Honesty” to start running through my head. (Non-stop!)

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Managing fire protection compliance for a facility of any size or type can be a juggling act.

There are a number of challenges including:

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