The Juggling Act: Managing Your Fire Systems

By: Rachel on April 01,2015 03:04:10 PM

Managing fire protection compliance for a facility of any size or type can be a juggling act.

There are a number of challenges including:

  • Keeping up with the ever-changing fire codes
  • Coordinating the maintenance and repairs of different fire and life safety systems
  • Determining inspection frequencies and staying on schedule
  • Meeting insurance requirements
  • Keeping up with facility changes 
CTA Sprinkler System Maintenance Cheat Sheet Resource-1

Technology continues to play a crucial role in the fire and life safety industry and therefore the line between all of your different fire and life safety systems has become increasingly blurred. 

For example, a fire sprinkler system must report alarm or supervisory conditions to a fire alarm system. A fire alarm system can be outfitted to monitor corrosion in the pipe, or perform routine drains of the low points and even perform flow tests. A stand-alone fire extinguisher can be monitored by a fire alarm system for location and pressure. 

The concept of having a fire protection contractor for each type of fire system that you have at your facility has become somewhat obsolete. There are many situations where the customer spends unnecessary time and money on their fire systems while contractors point fingers at each other. All while the customer is at risk because systems are not performing as intended and the property is not protected. 

JuggleWhy not stop the juggling act and find a partner?

Why not find a contractor who can be your partner and your one source for expert advice on your systems and compliance? We recommend that you find a company who can inspect, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and retrofit all of your fire and life safety systems. Most importantly, someone who can learn your facilities & operations and help you develop custom compliance solutions.

If you have a relationship with a trusted contractor you will achieve better compliance results and spend less time and money overall as compared to juggling different fire protection contractors and solutions.



For more information on one source fire system solutions contact Century Fire Protection.

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